JCC Residence Hall

Coming Fall 2014, SUNY Jefferson will open the doors of its newest addition, the residence hall.

Under construction, the building will have two wings, with four floors each. Its 98,000 square feet will support over 290 students, separated by gender, and will offer double and single bedrooms, divided in 3 to 6-person units. Jack Donato, Board President of the Faculty-Student Association (FSA), tells a residential piece has been in the plans for a while and that it fits inside the FSA’s purpose: “any income we receive goes back to the campus community to serve students providing opportunities, access and services that make things happen and facilitate student’s ability to be here and come to class and learn. The residence hall does the same thing.”

Result of a partnership between the Faculty-Student Association (FSA), the college foundation, the college administration and the community, the 17 million dollar space, projected to meet the U.S. Green Building Council’s LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) silver certification, also features a student lounge and free laundry in every floor. A vending area, a computer nook, wireless internet and cable TV in the lounges and rooms are also available, with 24-hour security and support from resident directors, that will live on-site.

In the wings, all suites have a living room, with couch and chairs, a kitchen, with refrigerator, sink, microwave and cabinetry, bedroom furnishing, with bed, mattress, wardrobe, a desk and a chair, and at least one bathroom – the 5 and 6-person have two. The price for the single bedrooms is $7,600 per student per year and $6,500 for the double bedroom. Dining services are available and required of each student, in a plan that includes 19 meals a week at a cost of $1550 per-semester.

“All of the data that has been taken over the course of several years indicates very conclusively that students that live in residence halls do better academically, have a better collegiate experience, have a much more strong affinity for the institution and have stronger opportunities for careers and career advancement. It’s more than just a place to sleep. When you have students that have a similar academic interest and they are all in the same place together it enhances the overall education experience”, says Ron Shidemantle, Dean of Students. For him, the proximity is a key element: “The students will be right next to their faculty, to the dining hall, to all the athletic events, they will be able to have easy access to all student activities. It will be more of a traditional collegiate experience for those students that choose to live on campus. And we feel that that experience can really enhance one’s career goals.”

Students must be full-time and enrolled in a degree program to be eligible. The applications for housing are done online, at http://www.sunyjefferson.edu, where the construction progress can also be followed via webcam. For more information, the Office of Residence Life can be contacted at reslife@sunyjefferson.edu and at 315-755-0411. Brochures are available at the Welcome Center and throughout the campus.

by Mariana Bruno, Layout Editor


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